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GDPR compliance at the touch of a button!

Data Protection Suite from paricon

The paricon Data Protection Suite includes functions for the anonymization of test systems and the GDPR-compliant cleansing and encryption of production systems

Can be used immediately without implementation effort

Suitable for all SAP systems and modules

Automatic localization Data worthy of protection

GDPR-compliant and consistent anonymization

With our Data Protection Suite , you can meet GDPR requirements for SAP systems at the touch of a button

A key aspect of data protection requirements is to protect customer data from being accessed by unauthorized persons or to remove data that has been stored without authorization.

Our suite enables the fast and low-cost implementation of deletion and blocking functions in SAP production systems. Our solution is characterized by its high degree of flexibility. Individual specifications for erasure and blocking can be implemented using our flexible framework, as can GDPR-compliant data alienation in the production system as an efficient alternative to physical erasure.

Meeting data protection requirements is also a major problem in test systems that are equipped with production-related data while at the same time providing generous authorization and comprehensive access options for a large group of people. Our “Data Protection Suite” enables the complete anonymization of personal data in SAP test systems for the first time without any implementation effort and completely independent of the type of system involved. The solution uses intelligent search algorithms to independently locate data worthy of protection in SAP systems – regardless of whether it is stored in transparent tables, free text or long text fields or customer-specific tables.

FINALLY SLEEP PEACEFULLY AGAIN. With our Data Protection Suite, we are breaking completely new ground and delivering a timely, innovative approach to protecting your SAP systems.

Whereas previous solutions were limited to individual modules or required a great deal of effort to implement the customer-specific data model, the paricon solution works with self-learning search algorithms to automatically detect information worthy of protection without any implementation effort – regardless of which SAP system is involved or which modules are used.

Complex, time-consuming workshops with all department employees and module managers to record the tables and fields in which data worthy of protection is or could be stored are a thing of the past.

How to anonymize and delete data from SAP test and production systems with paricon’s Data Protection Suite

Step 1

System scan and localization of sensitive information such as personal or organizational data. The crawler also searches customer-specific tables or unstructured data, such as long text fields or IDOCS. The result is a GDPR profile for your systems that includes all tables and table fields in which information worthy of protection can be found – and at the same time categorizes the data.

Step 2

The search result from step 1 is the basis for the anonymization and deletion process. Sophisticated logic and the categorization carried out beforehand enable a result that meets two key objectives: Anonymization and deletion are carried out in a technically sensible and consistent manner. This ensures clean further processing and interpretability in all scenarios. It is no longer possible to draw conclusions about the private individuals or organizations to be protected. Critical data is removed from the production system without a trace.


Our Data Protection Suite in use at DZ BANK
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