Logo von paricon Smart Data Protection. Eine SAP Lösung zur DSGVO Konformen Anonymisierung von ERP Testsystemen

The solution:

Smart Data Protection from paricon

Consistent and GDPR-compliant anonymization of sensitive data in SAP test systems – at the touch of a button! Can be used on SAP and SAP HANA systems

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The advantages of Smart Data Protection

The Smart Data Protection solution makes it possible for the first time to use a single anonymization solution for all types of SAP systems and modules. The unique, search engine-based approach finds data worthy of protection even where you would not expect it – and does not stop at unstructured data and customer extensions. Using the Smart Data Protection solution lets you sleep soundly again – because data misuse is history and you can now look forward to data protection checks with peace of mind.

Ready for immediate use

Completely new solution approach enables immediate use without preparatory work, time-consuming workshops or implementation work

Suitable for all SAP systems

Suitable for all types of SAP systems (R/3 systems, S/4HANA systems, HCM, BW, etc.) and modules thanks to automatic learning of the underlying data model – including partner and customer enhancements

Automatic data localization

Automatic data localization

Innovative Smart Search uses intelligent algorithms to locate data worthy of protection – even where you would not expect it – and even unstructured stored data


The anonymization process is GDPR-compliant and consistent; the use of the encrypted system is not affected – but the reference to private individuals and organizations is completely eliminated

Play it safe!
with Smart Data Protection

A key aspect of the data protection regulations is to protect customer data from access by unauthorized persons – both our own employees and external service providers. This is particularly challenging in test systems with production-like data, extensive access permissions, and a large user base. Smart Data Protection offers complete GDPR-compliant anonymization for all SAP systems, regardless of type or modules used. Its intelligent search algorithms independently locate sensitive data throughout SAP systems, whether stored in standard tables, free text fields, long text fields, or custom tables.

Central Hub component for centralized control and management of anonymization processes for multiple production system lines and any number of system copies

Parameterization options for individual customization of the search algorithms including allow and deny lists

Smart Search for the automatic localization of data worthy of protection

Extensive scaling and parallelization options for large SAP systems

Intelligent anonymization routines for uniform and technically consistent anonymization across systems


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